Madewell is Channeling Season One of Felicity, and I Couldn’t Be Happier!

I’ve always been drawn to Madewell. They have the best jeans, comfy sweaters, and quality leather bags and shoes. Recently I was scrolling through their website and found this gem. . .

Madewell Lorimer Backpack
c/o Madewell/Nordstrom

Eureka! The reason I love Madewell is because it’s basically Felicity Porter’s wardrobe from Season 1 of Felicity. The endless supply of oversized sweaters, the leather backpack, the whole tomboy chic look – how did I not realize this sooner?!

For those of you who don’t know, Felicity was a show on The WB, now the CW, from 1998-2002. In short, Felicity (Keri Russell) scraps her plans to attend Stanford and follows her longtime high school crush, Ben (Scott Speedman), to a fictional NYC university. As you can imagine, things don’t go smoothly for these crazy kids. Enter Noel, (Scott Foley), her RA, who develops feelings for Felicity, henceforth giving us arguably one of the best love triangles in modern television history.  #noelforlife

Since my college experience wasn’t remotely as eventful as Felicity’s, I lived vicariously through her, envying her love life, while admiring those cozy, bulky sweaters that seemed to wrap up her and her insecurities in a big hug. Also, that hair of hers – STUNNING! While I preferred my Jansport backpack at the time, I’m making up for it by regularly using my Madewell Transport Leather Tote in that beautiful English Saddle color.

Here are my Top 11 Felicity Picks from Madewell that will make you want to binge Season 1 all over again.

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All photos c/o Madewell/Nordstrom

  1. Cable-Knit Pullover Sweater
  2. Classic Ex-Boyfriend Shirt
  3. Fleet Jacket
  4. Open Side Bobble Pullover Sweater
  5. Fulton Sweater Coat
  6. Glenhill Sweater Coat
  7. Rib Merino Zip Front Cardigan
  8. Rivington Shawl Collar Merino Wool Sweater Coat
  9. Waffle Stitch Cardigan Sweater
  10. Waffle Stitch Sweater Jacket
  11. Lorimer Leather Backpack


c/o KQED

Suck it, Ben! 


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