Happy Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us: Day 5

Hello! Welcome back, and if you’re joining me for the first time, Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us, is a 31 Day celebration of dresses to help inspire your wardrobe for any upcoming holiday parties, or just plain fun for anyone who loves dresses.

What can I say? I love tweed, ruffles, and bows, and this Kate Spade dress has ’em all!  Look at those shoes, too? Nice touch. I’ve always been wary of wearing animal prints, but those shoes add just enough pop to this outfit. It’s very ’60s and I love it!

Kate Spade Ruffle Tweed Dress
c/o Kate Spade New York/Neiman Marcus

See you tomorrow!


Author: herestothelatebloomers

Late Bloomer, Gryffindor, aspiring author

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