My Top 5 Podcast Picks For Your Commute

I’m in a serious relationship with podcasts. They keep me company throughout my work day, and I look forward to hearing their familiar voices each week. Here are my top picks for your daily commute:

  1. My Favorite Murder
mfm 2
c/o Feral Audio

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I’m big fan of true crime, as are MFM podcast hosts, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark. These ladies are writers/comedians, so they somehow make light of some serious and dark subject matter. Each episode Karen and Georgia do a deep dive into a murder, and their listeners, aka “murderinos,” e-mail their hometown murders to be read on air. Full episodes drop on Thursdays and their mini-sodes that feature the hometown murders drop on Mondays.


2. Lovett or Leave It

lovett or leave it
c/o Crooked Media

Lovett or Leave It is one of the many political podcasts from Crooked Media. All of them are great, but Jon Lovett, former speechwriter for Hillary Clinton and Obama, is a star. His rants are legendary, his guests are funny and informative, and I can’t wait for him to run for office. New episodes drop on Saturdays.


3. Happy, Sad, Confused

happy sad confused
c/o MTV Podcast Networks

Josh Horowitz is a pop culture and film junkie, and that passion consistently delivers great interviews with today’s hottest actors and directors. His interviews with Taylor Kitsch aka Tim Riggins of Friday Night Lights, are solid gold and worth every minute of your time. New episodes typically drop on Wednesdays.


4. What Should I Read Next?

anne bogel
c/o Modern Mrs. Darcy

I’m always looking for good book recommendations, and this podcast is my favorite.  Anne’s voice is so soothing and I want her to be my best friend. Each week she talks books with one listener. They discuss 3 books they loved and 3 books they hated, and then Anne gives them 3 book recommendations based on their choices. Anne’s book, Reading People, came out this past week, and she also runs the popular reading blog, Modern Mrs. Darcy. New episodes drop on Tuesdays.


5. Something You Should Know

something you should know
c/o Wondery

I’m an extremely anxious person, and I like to be mentally prepared for all situations, and this podcast helps with that.  Each episode offers practical advice, and features interviews with researchers, authors, scientists, etc., and they often makes you question what you know to be true.  New episodes drop on Mondays and Thursdays.

If I Had the Money: J.Crew Fall Picks

I love Fall!  It’s my favorite season.  It means sweater weather, peacoats, obnoxious pumpkin flavored items that should never have seen the light of day, and the start of college basketball.  However, my favorite thing about Fall are the clothes.  I’m on a tight budget, so here are my J.Crew picks for Fall if I had the money.

The 1984 rugby shirt in stripe

*SPOILER ALERT: I bought this one

I actually screamed when I saw this shirt.  I love a good rugby shirt.  I don’t know what it is, but I can’t resist them.  It’s part of J.Crew’s effort to bring back the beloved staples from the ’80’s.  I was late to the game on ordering this shirt, and it was sold out.  Good news, you can still order.  I pre-ordered mine in navy peruvian pink, and it should ship by mid-December.

JCrew Rugby


Plaid cape-scarf

I love me some plaid.  I just found out that I’m part Scottish, so that explains a lot.  I would wear the crap out of this.  It’s like an adult blankie.

Plaid Cape


Merino wool sweater-blazer

J.Crew, you had me at sweater-blazer.  Best of both worlds.

Sweater Blazer


Perfect shirt in navy plaid

The name says it all.  If I could have a dream uniform it would be a button down, jeans, and saddle shoes.  That’s right, I said saddle shoes.  They really need a comeback.

Plaid Shirt


Velvet hair tie

My uniform would also include a bow.

Hair Tie


Colorful cluster earrings

I don’t think I can pull these off.  I feel like a pirate when I wear anything other than studs, but these are so cute!


All photos c/o J.Crew

Happy Fall and Happy Shopping!



Hello!  I’ve wanted to create a blog for awhile now to showcase my writing, current obsessions and random musings, and finally decided to go for it.  Here’s to the Late Bloomers, is an homage to one of my recent favorite films, La La Land, and obviously because I’m a late bloomer.

My name is Lauren, and I live in Queens, NY.  I’m a writer, a lover of books, film, TV, podcasts, true crime, dogs, college basketball, James Norton, Jackie Kennedy, vintage jewelry, and all things New England except the Patriots.

My proudest moment was being sorted into Gryffindor via the Pottermore website, followed by a getting a selfie with World’s Greatest Guy, John Krasinski.

Look at my crazy eyes.   I don’t think I’ve been happier since.
 Thanks for joining me on this journey.  Strap in.  It should be a fun ride.