Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us: Day 11

Ugh, Monday. Please be kind. 10 days until my vacation! Eye on the prize!

Happy Dress-tivus, everyone! Your favorite 31 day celebration of dresses and inspiration for your holiday party ensemble.

Today’s pick will definitely wake you up. This Alice & Olivia sequin dress makes my 6 year-old self so happy. I love rainbows, always have and always will! This dress just screams, “YAAAASSSSSS!”

alice olivia rainbow requin dress
c/o Alice & Olivia/Farfetch.com

Get out there and conquer Monday!

Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us: Day 10

Good morning! Hope you’re having a good Sunday, and making the most of the day before we have to go back to work tomorrow. Yet as I write this, I’m debating whether or not to leave my apartment to go to the movies or get groceries.

My Day 10 Dress-tivus pick is from Oscar De La Renta. This silk brocade dress is very Jackie Kennedy aka my fashion icon. Yes, this print is reminiscent of wallpaper or a tapestry, but awesome wallpaper and tapestry. LOVE! Why can’t all dresses be like this and affordable?

Oscar De La Renta Brocade Print Dress
c/o Oscar De La Renta/Farfetch.com

P.S. The Downton exhibit was nuts. Too many people there even with all the snow. If you’re in the NYC area, I recommend going during the week to avoid the craziness.

Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us: Day 9

Ah, Saturday, how I love thee! It’s Day 9 of Dress-tivus, a 31 day celebration of dresses and inspiration for your holiday party attire. To start out the weekend, I chose this Daizy Shely dress that screams modern day Audrey Hepburn. I love shiny pink metallic fabric, and what can I say, I love pleats! It’s so feminine and classy. What’s not to love?


Daizy Shely Pied de Poule Dress
c/o Daizy Shely/Farfetch.com

Have a good day! I’m off to the Downton Abbey exhibit today, so I’ll try to post some of the pictures later today or tomorrow. That is if I ever leave exhibition.

Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us: Day 8

Happy Fri-yay! Got through my first office holiday party of the year unscathed! Today as we enter into our second week of Dress-tivus, it is always important to reflect, and by reflect, I mean go back to Week One and revisit my dress picks for Days 1-7.

This silk jacquard Talbot Runhof dress reminds me of a snowflake. That’s all.

Talbot Runhof Metallic Twig Jacquard Dress
c/o Talbot Runhof/Saks Fifth Avenue

We’re so close to the weekend! You can do it!

Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us: Day 7

Wow! One full week of Dress-tivus is now in the books! Today is my office holiday party. However, I won’t be wearing that Milly one from yesterday. Our party is at a really good barbecue place, so I’m thinking of wearing stretchy pants and bringing a big bag filled with tupperware. Super classy. Just kidding, in all seriousness I’ll probably wear this J.Crew skirt with a nice top.

Anywho, back to Dress-tivus! If you don’t know, I love a good cape. This Max Mara Sospiro Cape Dress is very minimalist, yet makes a statement. It does come in black and light blue, but I prefer the navy.


Max Mara Sospiro Cape Shift Dress
c/o Max Mara/Saks Fifth Avenue

Until tomorrow!!

Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us: Day 6

Day 6 of Dress-tivus! Hope you are enjoying this as much as I am, and that you are successfully conquering your holiday shopping and parties.

This Milly dress would be the one I would pick to wear to my holiday party. Love the berry color, the metallic fabric, the V-neck, and most importantly the flared skirt! It’s so fun yet classic. I would just want to twirl all night long!

Milly Metallic Doubleknit Flare Dress
c/o Milly/Saks Fifth Avenue

Hump day! We got this week, guys!

Happy Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us: Day 5

Hello! Welcome back, and if you’re joining me for the first time, Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us, is a 31 Day celebration of dresses to help inspire your wardrobe for any upcoming holiday parties, or just plain fun for anyone who loves dresses.

What can I say? I love tweed, ruffles, and bows, and this Kate Spade dress has ’em all!  Look at those shoes, too? Nice touch. I’ve always been wary of wearing animal prints, but those shoes add just enough pop to this outfit. It’s very ’60s and I love it!

Kate Spade Ruffle Tweed Dress
c/o Kate Spade New York/Neiman Marcus

See you tomorrow!

Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us: Day 4

Happy Monday everyone! To get us through the most dreaded day of the week, I’m going to pick a fun and sparkly dress to serve as inspiration for your holiday party ensemble. I already feel this is week is going to be a challenge. I have the start of my office holiday parties this week. On top of that, since I work in the heart of Times Square, the streets are filled with more tourists than you can possibly imagine and trying to maneuver around them, has become my Everest!

Now that I have that rant out of my system, today we have a Sequin Embellished Tulle Dress by Elie Saab.


Elie Saab Sequined Embellished Tulle Dress
c/o Elie Saab/Saks Fifth Avenue


Here is a close-up of the sequined bodice. . .

Elie Saab Sequined Embellished Tulle Dress Zoom
c/o Elie Saab/Saks Fifth Avenue

This dress just makes me happy, and I hope it does the same for you! Until tomorrow! Happy Dress-tivus!

Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us: Day 3

Happy Dress-tivus, a 31 day celebration of dresses providing inspiration for your holiday parties!

Today’s dress is from Oscar De La Renta. Please do yourself a favor and click here to go to the Neiman Marcus website and zoom in on that embroidered bead work! Gorgeous!


Oscar De La Renta Leaf Embroidered Dress
c/o Oscar De La Renta/Neiman Marcus

Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us: Day 1

Happy Dress-tivus For the Rest of Us! For the month of December, I’m going to feature one designer dress a day providing inspiration for your upcoming holiday parties, or if you’re anything like me, the dresses I would wear to my fancy dress balls in my far more exciting inner life.

Kicking off the First Day of Dress-tivus is this Carolina Herrera Off the Shoulder High Low Gown.


Carolina Herrera Off Shoulder High Low Gown
c/o Carolina Herrera/Farfetch.com

See you tomorrow!