If I Had The Money: Kate Spade New York

I’m pretty much obsessed with ’50’s & ’60’s fashion.  I feel like Kate Spade is as close as one can get to the classic yet whimsical style of the period.  Plus her love of bows, stripes and gingham is something I hold very dear to my heart.

Having said that, I’m also on a budget.  If I had the money, here are my picks:


Set Sail Bangle

set sail bangle stripe
c/o Kate Spade New York


Washington Square Sam Bag

Washington Square Sam
c/o Kate Spade New York


Chesapeake Stripe Midi Dress

Chesapeake Stripe Midi Dress
c/o Kate Spade New York


Haring Lane Jean Bag

Haring Lane Jan Bag
c/o Kate Spade New York


Olive Drive Straw Brigette Bag

Olive Drive Straw Brigette
Kate Spade New York


Seersucker Concealed Spiral Notebook

Seersucker concealed notebook
c/o Kate Spade New York


Hyde Lane Gingham Michelle Wallet

Hyde Lane Gingham Michele
c/o Kate Spade New York


Tilly Sandals

Tilly Sandals
c/o Kate Spade New York


The Kate Spade New York’s Friends & Family Sale is on now, and you can get 30% off of most items with the code, FAMILY at checkout.




If I Had the Money: J.Crew Fall Picks

I love Fall!  It’s my favorite season.  It means sweater weather, peacoats, obnoxious pumpkin flavored items that should never have seen the light of day, and the start of college basketball.  However, my favorite thing about Fall are the clothes.  I’m on a tight budget, so here are my J.Crew picks for Fall if I had the money.

The 1984 rugby shirt in stripe

*SPOILER ALERT: I bought this one

I actually screamed when I saw this shirt.  I love a good rugby shirt.  I don’t know what it is, but I can’t resist them.  It’s part of J.Crew’s effort to bring back the beloved staples from the ’80’s.  I was late to the game on ordering this shirt, and it was sold out.  Good news, you can still order.  I pre-ordered mine in navy peruvian pink, and it should ship by mid-December.

JCrew Rugby


Plaid cape-scarf

I love me some plaid.  I just found out that I’m part Scottish, so that explains a lot.  I would wear the crap out of this.  It’s like an adult blankie.

Plaid Cape


Merino wool sweater-blazer

J.Crew, you had me at sweater-blazer.  Best of both worlds.

Sweater Blazer


Perfect shirt in navy plaid

The name says it all.  If I could have a dream uniform it would be a button down, jeans, and saddle shoes.  That’s right, I said saddle shoes.  They really need a comeback.

Plaid Shirt


Velvet hair tie

My uniform would also include a bow.

Hair Tie


Colorful cluster earrings

I don’t think I can pull these off.  I feel like a pirate when I wear anything other than studs, but these are so cute!


All photos c/o J.Crew

Happy Fall and Happy Shopping!